Posted by: Chris Sept. 5, 2020, 7:58 p.m. | (Comments)


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I don't know whether I want to call it CyBirds or Chairbirds, so I currently have both on the site. At the moment of writing this, I am a student that should be graduated by Winter 2020. This blog has been something I've wanted for a very long time. I find it enjoyable to write about whatever I want, without constraints. Some of the content I plan on writing on will be discussed throughout this post.


Figure 1: Image by @vittorio_zamboni

I plan on creating content that revolves around birds and computer science. I love birds and there is a ton of data on bird sightings available online. The data will be grabbed from websites like eBird, iNaturalist, Macaulay Library and other sites. Data on music and games may also be used, because I enjoy those things as well.


Since I know Python, and Python is used a lot for data analysis, I will use Python to analyse data that might interest me. I had a Wordpress blog where I wrote about the bird populations in Sacramento, CA. I attempted to describe the surrounding areas, and what birds you might expect to see. It was a fun experience, and I want to do some more analysis on locations around the world. I also have some favorites when it comes to species of birds, like the California Scrub Jay that I wish to write about.

Figure 2: California Scrub Jay image by Lauren Glevanik

Aside from purely bird data, I have also worked with music data. While in school, I had a project that revolved around doing analysis on music. I chose the subject of music, because I really like music that can match my mood at any given moment. So, I may also provide some amateur statistics about things I enjoy in my personal life. It'll be fun writing them, but I will also try making it interesting to read. I may try getting my hands on data from various video games if possible. I will have to look into that, because I imagine that data is private and not allowed for outside use.

What is This?

This is a Django blog using the Mezzanine CMS. I followed a Skill Share course instructed by Travis Media, and have since customized it for my own needs. I have been wanting to create a blog for a very long time now, and I had initially started with Wordpress. Wordpress did not offer as much flexibility as making my own blog using Django and Mezzanine. It was also much more expensive.

There will be a post on my troubles writing a Django blog using Mezzanine, because I imagine it may help out others. I will also go over what is required for a Django blog, and what you may consider doing after your blog has been created and deployed. Some programming content may appear as well, but that depends on what I feel like writing about.

I hope this blog has a successful future, which for me means writing anything!