About Me

Hello, my name Chair


My name is Chris and I am currently attending a university with hopes of getting a bachelors degree. My major focus of study is in Computer Science. I have been in school for so long now that I am tired of the academic flow of work. This project and some other projects have been a nice distraction. School no longer satisfies me, so I have to look elsewhere for learning. 


I have a list of projects I have worked on and somewhat completed. For the specifics of each project, and what tools were used, make sure to visit my projects page. But, I will go over some skills I have gained while making my way through school and personal projects.


These are the tools and languages I am familiar with:

  • Languages
    • Python
    • C++
    • Javascript
  • Tools
    • Django
    • Mezzanine CMS
    • React
  • Database
    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
    • Hadoop
  • Miscellaneous
    • API
    • Data Analysis
    • Linux
    • Bash


I have completed a couple of internships that revolved around using an Arduino. The internships had me writing software that communicates with the Arduino hardware. I had to calibrate a gas sensor, then print out results from experiments using the sensor for one internship. At another internship, I was in charge of making sure a rover could communicate with a mobile application using Bluetooth.

Aside from those software engineering internships, I also have experience in tutoring mathematics and computer science. I would also consider my personal projects as experience. I learned a lot attempting to develop applications on my own, so I count my projects as experience. Especially my projects that involve web development. 


The reason I wanted to create a blog like this was because of my hobbies. I really enjoy birding, which is why my website has birds everywhere. My first project was focused on birds and their observational data, and I wanted to expand on that. 

I found that combining my hobbies was very satisfying. I am content with the way my blog looks and what I am able to do with it. Ever since I combined birds with software development, I found it easy to create ideas for content I would want to see. With the skills I have gained through school or on my own, I am able to make this content come true.

I hope everyone enjoys what I write about! If you love birds, you may like my content!