Science on Birds

My Plans

Birds I plan on making content with the eBird basic dataset and the R package AUK. The eBird dataset I have downloaded is around 210GB uncompressed, so if I want to analyze the data with R, I need to filter out what I need first. According to the AUK page, … read more

Django Blog

I used to have a blog hosted on Wordpress, where I wrote about birds. I noticed it would get expensive if I wanted a full blog with all the bells and whistles I desired. So, I decided to instead make my own blog using Django and Mezzanine. I also have … read more

Music Mood

Music Mood is a project that started as a school assignment. The prompt was to do some analysis on data. I immediately loved the idea and chose to analyse music. At the moment I was in love with angry music so, I decided to investigate that idea a bit. read more


Birdy is the first project where I combined my love for birds and programming. I designed Birdy so birding communities on Discord could grab data from eBird. Although the birding community is not very big on Discord, I decided to create this project for fun and experience. read more


Welcome Hello, and welcome to my blog! I don't know whether I want to call it CyBirds or Chairbirds, so I currently have both on the site. At the moment of writing this, I am a student that should be graduated by Winter 2020. This blog has been something I've … read more